Strain Series

High-potency, purified cannabis oil blended with 100% naturally sourced terpenes true to the cannabis plant. Our unique terpene profiles give you a classic strain taste and feel.

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  • AiroPod Cartridge - Northern Lights

    AiroPod Cartridge - Northern Lights

    Indica   Northern Lights’ pungently sweet, spicy aromas deliver a wonderfully numbing, lazy indica driven high. The psychoactive effects settle in firmly throughout the body, relaxing muscles and pacifying the mind in dreamy euphoria, a...

  • AiroPod Cartridge - Pineapple Diesel

    AiroPod Cartridge - Pineapple Diesel

    Sativa  Pineapple Diesel crosses a Hybrid Pineapple and a Sativa Sour Diesel to produce a lift, both mentally and physically. This psychoactive Sativa delivers clear and energized cerebral effects making it optimal for daytime use and activity...

  • AiroPod Cartridge - Clementine

    AiroPod Cartridge - Clementine

    Hybrid   Clementine, a cross between the intensely delicious Tangie and Lemon Skunk strains, is a Sativa dominant Hybrid known as much for its flavor as its happy, euphoric effects. Clementine’s citrusy and earthy flavored high is both...

3 of 3 Items