Artisan Series

Made from purified cannabis oil, our exclusive fusion of trademarked tastes, derived 100% from natural botanical terpenes. Arouse your palate with vapor full of colorful fruit, floral, and savory notes.

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  • AiroPod Cartridge - Sumatran Sunrise

    AiroPod Cartridge - Sumatran Sunrise

    Sativa Blood Orange Named for its uplifting energy, Sumatran Sunrise combines the powerful flavor and aroma of blood orange with a cerebral burst of energy. Sure to awaken all the senses, this blood orange blend brings the sunrise to you. Available in 0...

  • AiroPod Cartridge - Mystical Melody

    AiroPod Cartridge - Mystical Melody

    Hybrid  Raspberry Lime & Tangerine    The melodious combination of raspberry lime & tangerine combined with the mystical burst of euphoria and energy make Mystical Melody the perfect all day treat. This balanced Hybrid will...

  • AiroPod Cartridge - Black Mamba

    AiroPod Cartridge - Black Mamba

    Sativa Citrus & Blackberry Named for its delicious flavor, Black Mamba ensures its blackberry citrus flavor slithers through your body. As soon as the flavor bites your palate, this Sativa dominant strain will have you awakened and ready to rule your...

  • AiroPod Cartridge - Midnight Moon

    AiroPod Cartridge - Midnight Moon

    Indica  Black & Blue Berry    Meet Midnight Moon. In this choice pairing, the deep sweetness of classic blueberry is enhanced by a dark and sour friend. The blackberry’s true nature as a non-berry, but rather a member of its...

4 of 4 Items