Artisan CBD Series

Precise ratios of CBD:THC for the best-balanced vape experience. Purified cannabis oil enhanced with 100% naturally sourced terpenes with CBD, CBG, and CBC in our blends.

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  • AiroPod Cartridge - Cosmic Karma

    AiroPod Cartridge - Cosmic Karma

    2:1 CBD:THC Raspberry & Vanilla Bean  Cosmic Karma, reminiscent of deliciously ripe raspberries and rich vanilla bean, brings you mild sedation free of “high” effects with its mellow 2:1 CBD/THC ratio. Winner of the Best CBD...

  • AiroPod Cartridge - Buddha’s Smile

    AiroPod Cartridge - Buddha’s Smile

    1:1 CBD:THC Wild Orange Blossom   Buddha’s Smile, a refreshing orange infusion with light citrus undertones, delivers dreamy relaxation and very light “high” effects with its well balanced 1:1 CBD/THC ratio. Winner of the...

2 of 2 Items