AiroPod Cartridge - Live Rosin Hybrid

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Airo Brands puts the true-plant experience at the forefront with the Live Rosin Series.

Live Rosin is full-spectrum, premium cannabis concentrate made from fresh-frozen cannabis plants. What makes Live Rosin different from Live Resin? Live Rosin is solventless, meaning no chemicals are used in the extraction process. It’s similar to Live Resin as it’s packed with full-spectrum cannabinoids and a robust terpene profile. The unique atomizer assembly is optimized for Live Rosin to preserve the maximum amount of terpenes. Each cartridge captures the distinctive characteristics of its strain – creating the most authentic flower-like experience in a vape. Live Rosin is extracted using all-natural processes. At the ideal plant maturity, plants are harvested and immediately frozen – which is the “live”. Then, the plants are placed in a rosin press. The press uses heat and pressure to extract a hot oil from the plants – which is the rosin.

Easily find your new favorite cartridge with its distinct rose gold color.

Hybrid strains vary per state and rotate frequently due to availability of terpenes and demand. 

Available in 0.5g & 1g

AiroPod Cartridges are only compatible with the AiroPro and AiroSport Vaporizer.

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